The End.

This is my last blog post… This year has been a major roller coaster year. I’m so happy that it is finally over and summer is here. This long break was much needed. I can’t wait until next year, my senior year! After that I can move away from my home town and start my own life. I’m so excited for my future after high school! I keep telling myself, just one more year and you can do what you have always dreamed of your entire life. I always tell myself over and over, fight for what you believe in, no matter what others think or say.

The End.


Reflection on Their Eyes Were Watching God…

One thing that had surprised me in this book so far, was that Tea Cakes’ secret was gambling. To be honest, I had thought that it was a bigger secret, but now it all makes sense. The townspeople were worried about Janie, because they had thought that Tea Cakes would lose all of her money and they would be bankrupt. They didn’t want to see Janie get hurt again, in a different way. “You done married one uh de best gamblers God ever made.” this quote shows when Tea Cakes tells Janie about his big secret to winning all of her money back. I questioned Tea Cakes before he had told Janie, because why would he just take her money and leave without telling her? If I was Janie, I would be angry at Tea Cakes for taking that much money away from me without telling me. It was as if gambling was calling out for him. He said that he hadn’t had that much money in forever. He saw this money as an opportunity to win even more money. The way I interpreted this part of his story, was that he hadn’t gambled in a long time, maybe something had gone horribly wrong, maybe he was in a bad place, we don’t know. I feel like he had stopped for a good reason, judging by his current position. He could’ve made some people angry. It seems like this is why most people don’t like Tea Cakes, he always ends up in a bad situation and people didn’t want that to hurt Janie also. Janie doesn’t seem to care all of that much about the money. My prediction is that Tea Cakes will make some people upset and that could be the reason he had died so early on in his life. Janie doesn’t see it now, but she may get mad at him for his gambling decisions. In chapter 1, the women on the porch were talking about Janie and Tea Cakes, he could’ve upset the whole town. He has a past that could haunt him and his wife later on in his life. I was surprised at first about his secret, but now the more I think about it, it could be the result of his death.


It is the last quarter and it is where I usually slack off because it is towards the end of the year. I told myself I need to still try my hardest, but it is so nice outside. I want to get out of the house and have fun. Sadly, instead I will be in my room all night like I always am. I just wish that we could get a small break from all of the homework. During school it seems like I don’t have that much, but when I get home I have tons. I try and get some homework that is due later, out of the way, but I’m still crammed with homework. It is super stressful on top of looking at colleges. There are only 6 more weeks of school left, hopefully it will go fast!


I can’t wait until this summer! Senior photos, seeing some of my family from Colorado and maybe Minnesota, Going to visit some of my top colleges and sleeping in. I can’t wait for the endless nights with my friends, driving in a convertible, swimming, and spending most of my time outside. I love everything about summer. It’s is a break from all of the hard work I had done in school. No more doing homework until 11 o’clock a night, no more waking up a 7 almost every morning, and I am able to stay up late. The only downfall of summer, is that I don’t see all of my friends as often. Whenever I am free, they are busy, and whenever they are free, I am busy. But eventually there are some days when all of my friends and I are free.


Precalc is probably the most stressful class when it comes to test. I love math, it is my favorite subject, but this year it is a challenge for me. One thing that ruined my grade in the class is the take home test and the quizzes. The take home quizzes are a lot harder then the second half of the test in class. We have the entire weekend to do it and we can work with other people. I feel as if the take home test are harder because it makes us think harder and it helps me prepare for the inclass test. I’m just happy it’s the last quarter and it’s almost summer.

Pen Pal

This year is my 3rd year being involved with Pen Pal at my school. We write letters back and forth with a kid in elementary school. They really know how to put a smile on your face. They tell you what their favorite things are, such as their favorite tv show, or their favorite type of candy, etc. They ask you questions about yourself, like how old are you or what is your favorite sport. The end of the year is the best part, because you get to meet them and play with them and their friends. You give them a gift and you have a picnic with them. I like having a Pen Pal and I think everyone should do it at least once.

My favorite type of music

Unlike the average teen, I do not like most of the new songs. I constantly listen to Billy Joel, Elton John, Queen etc. I enjoy older music and I would give anything to see one of these groups perform. I know Billy Joel is coming to Ohio here soon, but the tickets are super expensive! I wish I could go!

To be completely honest, me listening to all of this kind of music just came out of nowhere. It just sort of happened. I still like some of the newer songs, but once you keep playing it over and over it gets old. I feel like the more common songs from the past don’t ever get old.