Reflection on Their Eyes Were Watching God…

One thing that had surprised me in this book so far, was that Tea Cakes’ secret was gambling. To be honest, I had thought that it was a bigger secret, but now it all makes sense. The townspeople were worried about Janie, because they had thought that Tea Cakes would lose all of her money and they would be bankrupt. They didn’t want to see Janie get hurt again, in a different way. “You done married one uh de best gamblers God ever made.” this quote shows when Tea Cakes tells Janie about his big secret to winning all of her money back. I questioned Tea Cakes before he had told Janie, because why would he just take her money and leave without telling her? If I was Janie, I would be angry at Tea Cakes for taking that much money away from me without telling me. It was as if gambling was calling out for him. He said that he hadn’t had that much money in forever. He saw this money as an opportunity to win even more money. The way I interpreted this part of his story, was that he hadn’t gambled in a long time, maybe something had gone horribly wrong, maybe he was in a bad place, we don’t know. I feel like he had stopped for a good reason, judging by his current position. He could’ve made some people angry. It seems like this is why most people don’t like Tea Cakes, he always ends up in a bad situation and people didn’t want that to hurt Janie also. Janie doesn’t seem to care all of that much about the money. My prediction is that Tea Cakes will make some people upset and that could be the reason he had died so early on in his life. Janie doesn’t see it now, but she may get mad at him for his gambling decisions. In chapter 1, the women on the porch were talking about Janie and Tea Cakes, he could’ve upset the whole town. He has a past that could haunt him and his wife later on in his life. I was surprised at first about his secret, but now the more I think about it, it could be the result of his death.


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