I can’t wait until this summer! Senior photos, seeing some of my family from Colorado and maybe Minnesota, Going to visit some of my top colleges and sleeping in. I can’t wait for the endless nights with my friends, driving in a convertible, swimming, and spending most of my time outside. I love everything about summer. It’s is a break from all of the hard work I had done in school. No more doing homework until 11 o’clock a night, no more waking up a 7 almost every morning, and I am able to stay up late. The only downfall of summer, is that I don’t see all of my friends as often. Whenever I am free, they are busy, and whenever they are free, I am busy. But eventually there are some days when all of my friends and I are free.


2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. I am also very excited for summer to arrive! The long nights with no bed times, sitting around a bonfire with your friends, and spending time with the ones you love. I hope you have an awesome summer!


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