Be Happy:)

For my rock, I decided to put the word happy. 2016 was a roller coaster year. At some points I would be in a good mood but something would always come to bring me down. This year I have decided to let nothing get in the way of my happiness. Being happy makes me feel better as a person.

I’m happy that I got the smallest rock, because it symbolizes that just a little bit of happiness can go a long way. If someone is in a good mood, they can make others feel better just by being around them. Also the size of the rock symbolizes how it is difficult to be happy after feeling depressed, because it was hard to paint so small. The reward of doing it after, is the end result of being happy.



2 thoughts on “Be Happy:)

  1. Being happy is probably the hardest feeling to be when there is a millions things you could be feeling instead of happy. I’m glad that you are getting out of your depressing and I understand how hard that is to get out of and how easy it is to fall back into it. Good job.


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