Music can be in any shapes and forms. Music can be created or you can listen to it. I used to be in band and I really miss playing and making music. Listening to music helps me get my homework done and it helps me get through tough times. I am listening to music as I write this. It helps me focus and concentrate on what I am doing. I also listen to music because it lets me escape into my own world. I enjoy listening to all genres of music.

Music can make someones perspective change on something. Lyrics in a song are poems with music. Poems have deep meanings to them. They can give life lessons to people. If you listen hard enough in some songs, you can hear and understand the meaning or message in the song. I sometimes like to listen to music just to get “advice” or a “message” that will help me when I am in a bad mood.

Music can have so many different impacts on so many people. It doesn’t have to be music with lyrics, it can be classical too. No matter what type of music, it can always have an impact, big or small, on anyone.


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