People always say that they don’t know what to write about, but there are millions of things to write about. Literally millions of topics, I’m writing about writing. Anything can become a story no matter how simple or vague it is. It could be as simple as a pencil, a pet, a car, or family. You could write about the first thing that pops into your head. You can write about something that is personal to you. You can add description, explanations, or thoughts. You could spill your heart out or ideas that you have. Writing expresses who you are on the inside that no one knows. Writing lets people show what the couldn’t say out loud. Writing is like a growing tree, you can add more and more info that branches off of your topic, just like how a tree branches off into smaller branches. 

Writing lets someone express themselves in a certain way that they can’t describe. This lets the reader into their mind or their world. Reading and writing can let people’s imagination run based off of one. Single. Topic. This one topic can affect others in a good way, not just the writer. A reader can go off and tell someone or they can reflect on what they had read. One person. One topic. Can have a huge impact. 

Think of all of the topics in the world to write about. Think of how many people have read it. Think of how many had gotten a message from it. All of this from your one idea and your writing.  

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“Writing” by WolfBlur is licensed to share under CC 2.0.


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