Looking For Alaska…

I have just started reading the book called Looking for Alaska by John Green. I have heard good things about the book, so I decided to read it. To be completely honest, I thought that the Alaska in the book was the state, not a person.

One of the things in the book that builds up suspense, is the bold headings that are counting down the days. What are they counting down for? What are they counting down until? What does it have to do with the book? What does it have to do with Alaska? It is making me ask so many questions and I can’t wait until I find out what it is.

Right now I am at the part where Pudge, Alaska and her friends are in her car driving to McDonald’s to get fries. Pudge is having a hard time fitting in with his new friends, who are complete opposites of him. They are the type of people that his mom told him to stay away from. I believe that he will learn so much from his friends later on in the book. I have seen signs of how nice they are to the new kid. They stand up for him, the help him, and they become friends with him.

Even though I am not even half of the way through the book, I highly recommend the book to someone who likes suspense and adventure.


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