Trick or Treat πŸŽƒ

This year I had passed out candy to the kids in my neighborhood. I live in the back of our neighborhood, so we don’t get as many people at the front does. Usually it is packed, but this year it was so quiet. I probably handed out more candy to high schoolers than little kids. It just felt like a weird night. While I was sitting there for most of the night doing nothing, I decided to eat candy and play on my phone. Sadly I had eaten all of the grape laffy taffy. 😦

I have a little sister that had gone trick or treating last night. She was a zombie named Liv Moore from the TV show called I Zombie. It was really cute. She had gotten tons of candy, and she gave me some of her Reese’s cups. She told me that the one house that is always decorated as a haunted house was scary for her this year again. She told me that there were people dressed up as clowns…. Why would someone dress up as a clown when little kids are trying to get candy??? Β Last year I took my sister up to that house and there were people trying to follow us home it was creepy.



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