Reflection of my Interview

I had interviewed my grandpa on his life in the past. I was quite surprised on some of his responses. My grandpa had told me that he had just come home from the war, and he had needed a job. He had two choices, either move to Alaska or to stay here. He had chose to stay here and work. I have heard stories of people coming home from the war acting different. I never would have had guessed that my grandpa was one of those people. I think that this topic really touched his heart, because he had never told me this before. He told me that he liked his job after the war, because every day was different. You never did the same thing, unlike fighting in a war. In war, you just try to survive and fight for your country, and that could get old after a while. He told me that people in the past are somewhat the same as they are now. He hasn’t seen much change in his lifetime. The one change that he had told me, was that my generation has attitudes in the workplace. People in the past were just there to work, get paid, go home, and do it the next day. I think that people should really appreciate the older people in their community. They have stories from their point of view that could later on benefit someone. It also can surprise you, and make you look at life a different way.


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