The picture through my eyes…

     The glistening stars shine over the mound of rocks in the middle of nowhere. The shrubs on the ground are a deep green and purple about knee high. There is not one inch of dirt that you can see. The dry shrubs fill the ground around the thin, tall rocks. The rocks look like folds in a blanket. The massive rocks look like rust has covered them. In the distance, the sun is setting and making the sky look like a rainbow. When you look above the peak of rocks, you see what looks like a galaxy in the sky, lying against a deep blue and purple. You feel the cool breeze of the night wind on your face as you gaze up at the massive cluster of stars. The cluster looks like it could go on forever. The brightest light shines right next to the darken sky. You wish that you can keep this image in your head forever. You never want this night to end.



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