The reflection of the single story…

One thing that people always think about high school students, is that there is a lot of bullying going on. This was more common in the past but has somewhat faded away. There is not as much bullying in school as people think. In our school I have only heard of very few times that bullying was going on. People are not as mean as they used to be. People are not getting picked on, based on their looks, personality, etc. There are not as many fights as people think. I believe that there is more bullying activity taken place in elementary school and middle school. When people enter high school, they have somewhat entered the real world. They have more important things to do than pick on people.


7 thoughts on “The reflection of the single story…

  1. I might disagree a little bit on how much bullying is taken place in high school. I believe it happens more in high school because the people actually mean what they say. Good point of view though!!!


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